Get paid to test websites & apps provides you with a handy list of platforms and tips to get started. Once you're signed up and approved you can test on any device wherever you are.

  • Earn cash in your spare time
  • Easy to sign up and take tests
  • Help improve website usability for everyone

Testing platforms

Test IO provide quality assurance crowdtesting for large brands like SoundCloud and Lacoste. Join their community by completing a form with your demographic information and devices you can test on. Once signed up you will go through an onboarding process that trains you how to complete tests. For all bugs you need to upload a video or a screenshot of each issue. If you can't find any issues you can still get paid for rating the app.

Payment: Up to $50 per issue

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Earn $10 for around 20 minutes of your time providing feedback on various interfaces, some tests pay up to $60. There is a simple application process you need to complete. This includes a short sample test and some providing your demographic information. Once you’re approved you can start taking real tests. You must have a PayPal account and live in a country that can receive PayPal money transfers to get paid. UserTesting work with large companies like Facebook, Adobe, CBS and Ford.

Payment: $10 - $60 per test

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To become part of the TryMyUI team you'll need to sign up and provide demographic information. Next, you'll need to download their app to complete a qualification test. Their app records your mouse movements, voice and screen. The qualification test is a sample test to show that you understand the testing process and your recording is good quality. If you qualify, they will send you test opportunities via email. A typical test lasts around 20 minutes.

Payment: $10 per test

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Validately require users to complete a set of tasks, speak their thoughts aloud and answer questions about a website or app. There are simple tests that will pay you $10, but they might also invite you to take live tests. Live tests are where you share your screen with a moderator in real time. Live tests are more difficult to qualify for unless you match a specific criteria but can pay anywhere up to $70 for your time.

Payment: $10 - $70 per test

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Loop11 request that a 5-minute qualification test is completed before you can become eligible to be a paid tester. There's not a lot of information on the exact the payment you receive, but Loop11 say they pay above average rates and bonuses on their website. Loop11 work with large companies like Deloitte IBM, Vodaphone and Cisco.

Payment: Unkown

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For each test you complete through UserCrowd you get a credit worth $0.20. Most tests pay 1-2 credits per response, and some may pay more. You can withdrawal your UserCrowd earnings via Paypal once your balance reaches $10. You will need an eligible PayPal account to receive payments. Email and real-time notifications inform you when tests are available so you have the best chance of participating.

Payment: $0.20 per test

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Sign up for an account by providing demographic information. Once approved you will have access to browse active studies. Screener questions are very targeted, so your testing frequency will likely be low. Payment by gift cards and vouchers e.g. Amazon. Check the client can provide you with a reward you can use in your region. User Interviews work with large companies like Pinterest, Spotify and Adobe. User Interviews team up with Lookback to provide participants for their tests.

Payment: $100 - $500+ per interview

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Complete a short & easy form to join their global community of user tester. Speak your thoughts and emotions out loud and answer a few questions. Get paid via PayPal once your test has been approved. Depending upon the project you can be paid $5, $10, $15, $20, or some of their projects pay as much as $90.

Payment: $10 - $90 per test

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TestingTime provide moderated tests that take place over video conferencing platforms like Skype or Zoom. You need to complete a form with demographic information to sign up and apply to take tests. Once you qualify for a test you can choose a time that suits your schedule. You earn as much as € 50 per hour as a tester. This will appear in your account within 10 days after you take a test.

Payment: Up to €50 per hour

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How does the testing process work?

Usability test screenshot

Step 1

Get invited to test a website, app, prototype or a series of designs that require you to provide your feedback.

Usability test particpant

Step 2

Complete a set of tasks and speak your thoughts aloud while using the interface. Most recordings last around 20 minutes.

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Step 3

Once the client has approved your test you will receive payment through your payment method e.g. PayPal.

Useful tips

You can test on mobile, tablet and desktop devices, including laptops. Ensure your device has good quality video and audio capabilities. Most devices have a built in microphone but consider investing into a headset or external microphone for better audio. High quality audio and video will increase your chances of getting accepted onto the platform and your test approval rate.

Most platforms ask you to send them an audition test before inviting you to take tests. This audition involves completing a sample test using your microphone and camera. Once you have passed the audition you will see that tests start to appear in your account.

Qualifying for tests is not guaranteed after passing the audition test. Most tests will ask you to complete a set of screener questions before you can take the test. The screener ensures that you are the right match for the type of person they need to take the tests.

Some platforms will send you more tests based on your quality score. If you're providing useful and clear feedback you will get invited to test more often!

If you completed 1 x $10 test per day you can make up to $300 per month. You should not rely on cash made from testing websites as a steady income. It would be best to consider this as extra income that can help towards your hobbies or a holiday fund.

Be honest with your answers to the screening questions, taking only the tests that are suitable to you. You are unlikely to get paid for tests that are unsuitable for you and it also wastes the client's time.

Anything you earn should also appear on your tax return as advised by your local government.

Most recorded tests last around 20 minutes. But there is usually a written component as well where you will have to answer a few questions provided by the client. In total, taking a test can take up to 45 minutes depending on the level of detail you go into with your written answers. Providing more detail may increase your quality score and frequency of tests if your feedback is valuable.

The time it takes to get paid depends on how quickly your recording becomes approved. The client watches each video you submit and gives approval based on quality and authenticity.

If your recording and feedback is of a good quality then your test should get approved without any problems. Funds generally appear 1-2 weeks after you have completed your test but these timeframes can vary.